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Project Description
This project consists of

-An ASP.NET webservice that acts as a host for a chat program.
-A WPF client application, that uses the webservice to transmit/receive messages etc.
-A Silverlight client that allows users to log in from a website.

This project can also be installed from

Note: This project's client is pointing to a webservice located at my personal website at This service has been locked to prevent more users from joining, so you will never make it past the login screen if the client is executed as is. To use your own server, download the server code from the "Source Code" section and install it on your own web server. Then change the line in the client's app.config file that specifies the endpoint address to point to your server's url.
//Client config file.
            <endpoint address="http://<YOUR_URL_HERE>/service.asmx"
                binding="basicHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="ServiceSoap"
                contract="WGM_Service.ServiceSoap" name="ServiceSoap" />

There is also a line in the server code that needs to be commented to allow users to join. Locate the following line in service.cs in the WGM_Svc\App code folder and remove the line in the CreateUser method that says:
//Server code
        message = "Server is locked for upgrades... please try again later";
        return false;

Desktop Client Screenshots
Login Screenshot

Main Window Screenshot

Online Options Screenshot

Local Options Screenshot]

Message Popup lower right over system tray

About Screenshot

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